Brooks a direct reflection of his constituency




"Supervisor apologizes for shoving match," read the headlines on page 3 of the March 3 Dispatch. How many times over the years has this "gentleman" acted like a fool, then apologized later? Whether he acts like this in public or in a Lowndes County Supervisors Board Meeting, it''s always the same.  




He usually ends up saying something along the lines of "I ain''t no child and you ain''t gonna treat me like one." You, the people of District 5 of Lowndes County, have kept this clown in office for all these years. He might be a nice enough person and has probably done a lot for his district and his constituents. At times, he can even be charming, but ... you should be ashamed of him and yourselves for continuing to elect such an idiot.  




He is a DIRECT reflection of the voters that keep him in office. The bad thing is he not only represents you, but he also is one of the public faces of Lowndes County. What would you think if you were traveling through a town and happened to watch one of the County Supervisors meetings and saw the shenanigans of someone like Mr. Brooks.  




You would probably laugh out loud at such idiocy and surely tell your friends about your visit to that town and what you witnessed on live TV. Don''t you/we want our elected officials (that work for and represent us) to be the best that we can offer? We want our elected officials to make us, our city, our county, our community to look good to those that might buy here, move here, or provide jobs here.  


Why do you/we keep electing this idiot? Let''s make this his last term in public office "on our dime." 




Rick Love  





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