Phone call leads to encounter with supervisor




After my recent letter in the paper, it seems that Mr. Leroy Brooks was unable to find my name in the local tax rolls, so he contacted Mr. Imes wondering if I was a "ghost writer." Mr. Imes, in turn contacted me to confirm that I was a real person. I, in turn, attempted to call Mr. Brooks to introduce myself.  


After being disconnected three times (must be bad phone service in the courthouse), Mr. Brooks called me back at my work number, and we had a fairly short phone conversation. He invited me to his office, saying something to the effect, "If you were a man, you''d come talk to me face-to-face."  


I did and Mr. Brooks and I talked for about 40 minutes or so. It seems his major heartburn with my letter was (1) my skewed perception of what I read in the papers (Maybe the media is biased against him.) or what I see during the televised supervisors meetings (That''s no actor playing his part.), (2) he feels that I am disparaging his constituency (They vote for him and keep him in office.) and (3) I''m picking on him (I''ve also written letters regarding the unprofessional antics of Greg Andrews, Mike Smith, Jim Terry and Kamal Karriem, among others.). 


Mr. Brooks is extremely intelligent, can be very personable and charming (unless you get under his skin) and he is definitely one of the more passionate leaders of our community. The point of my last letter (and previous ones) is that our community (and our community leaders) can be much greater than they are.  


A recent commentary about the "unfriendliness" of some of the folks in our community goes hand-in-hand with my letters to the editor over the years. Mr. Brooks has the inner strength, passion, drive, and perseverance to be an even greater leader of our community, if only he could control his temper and his showmanship and stop using race in his rantings when Mr. Sanders upsets him. 


Mr. Brooks is not an idiot or a clown, he just needs to stop acting like one during those stressful times. 


If I (Who the heck am I to offer advice?) could offer Mr. Brooks any advice, it would be: (1) please rise above the petty stuff (You''re a better person than that.), (2) don''t use race as a weapon within our community (There is enough of that already -- from both sides.) (3) the more leadership that you demonstrate, the more people (including me) will respect you as a leader of our community and (4) control your unprofessional antics.  


You can rise above it. I learned a long time ago, that "I" am the only one that can make "me" look bad; others can only point it out. I wish only the best for you, our community, and this great country of ours. 


Rick Love  





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