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First, Ms. Lott. Liberals can''t stand it because they know (but will never admit) Rush is right (Voice of the people, March 8). Recent as well as ancient history validates him and other conservatives. Taking quotes out of context and them using them to demonize people and/or ideas is SOP for liberals. I enjoyed your letter. 


Second, Mr. Steve Rogers (Sunday column). I''m glad someone else is saying in print that we can elect the biggest to the Legislature, or (God forbid) Congress (too late for some of our servants), and these ignoramuses become experts on everything from foreign and domestic policy, the budget; healthcare, national defense, you name it. They forget that they are our servants there to serve us and think they are our masters there to "take care" of us. Some voters obviously think that way too. 


I like the idea of cameras at intersections not only to record those who run red lights but also for accident reconstruction uses. It would reduce the number of fraudulently filed lawsuits accusing some of wrongfully causing an accident. The cameras would have to be positioned differently for that, but so what? 


As for the Legislature micro-managing cities, or Congress micro-managing states, have you ever observed city councils micro-managing various departments? It seems the smaller the town and the smaller the department the more "oversight" needed. This also applies to county governments.  


The most effective leaders put subordinates in charge of departments, committees, whatever, then get out of the way and let the lieutenants do their jobs. Too bad human nature has to get in the way so often. 


Cameron Triplett Sr. 





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