Roses and thorns: 11/26/17




A rose to all those who forfeited their traditional Thanksgiving celebration in the interest of public service.


While most of us enjoyed the holiday and all it entails, for many Thanksgiving Day was a workday much like any other.


Law enforcement officers, hospital staff members, utility workers and others deemed "essential employees" were on the job Thursday to ensure our comfort and safety.



We hope their holiday was merely delayed, and that they were able to enjoy their own Thanksgiving in their own way, secure in the knowledge that the rest of us count their sacrifice as something to be thankful for.



A thorn to a handful of players in Thursday's Egg Bowl whose poor sportsmanship diminished what was an otherwise spirited contest.


There were too many examples to cite here, some more egregious than others, from both the Bulldogs and the Rebels. These antics added nothing and subtracted much from a rivalry that has earned a reputation as one of the best college rivalries in the country. The actions of a few, captured on national television, are a poor reflection not just on the players themselves, but on their parents, coaches and universities. We understand that emotions run high in this game, but players have a responsibility to comport themselves honorably. They are role models, and the examples they set do not go unnoticed. Clean it up.



A rose to Starkville aldermen Henry Vaughn and Roy A. Perkins, who brought attention to an issue that should be addressed before the city proceeds with any plans for annexation.


Although the aldermen approved areas outside the city limits to be considered for an annexation study, Vaughn and Perkins protested that before any action is taken, the city should pave streets inside the existing city limits that have been ignored from the last annexation in 1998.


That's an important point. Annexation should benefit both the city and residents alike. Even though this week's decision does not commit the city to expansion, it seems wise to make good on its earlier commitments as a sign that the city recognizes that citizens in the proposed areas will be treated well if their neighborhoods are annexed.



A rose to the Starkville, West Point and Noxubee County football teams for punching their tickets to next weekend's state championship games by winning the North Division titles on Friday night. Starkville (6A) defeated Madison Central, 27-24; West Point (5A) crushed Olive Branch, 39-6; and Noxubee County (4A) stopped Louisville, 35-28.


All three teams now head to Vaught-Hemingway Stadium in Oxford for shots at state titles. West Point, riding a 27-game winning streak, will be a prohibitive favorite against Hattiesburg while Starkville and Noxubee County will face unbeaten Pearl and East Central, respectively.


Although we don't know the outcomes of those games now, there is a possibility that by this time next week as many as half of the six state championships could reside in the Golden Triangle. Win or lose, putting three teams in the title game is an impressive feat.




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