Voice of the people: Andre Deforrest Roberts




Thinking before we act 


We are all created by the same God and yet we treat one another worse than an insect. What if we truly treated one another the way we want to be treated? We are making decisions in a blink of an eye and the consequences last a lifetime. I do not know anyone who wants to be robbed or shot or ambushed so why are we doing this to one another? Why are we so inconsiderate as a whole to one another? When there is a dispute we are quick to fight and kill and there is no reverse to our decisions. Let us not forget how powerful words are, they have the power to heal or hurt. I want us to remember that the person next to us, the person riding on the same roadway also has a heart. We do not know the struggle or the battle that the next person is fighting. We need to stop and think before we act. Let us remember that the decision we make the next second can change our lives and the lives of many others for a lifetime. Let us work together to make our community a brighter place. Let's think before we react. 


Andre Deforrest Roberts 





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