Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Every effort should be made for preservation 


I don't like seeing any old buildings torn down. There is some history in each. However, if the buildings in question are too dilapidated to restore and they are deemed of some historic significance, take pictures of them as is, from every vantage point, inside and out. Make accurate drawings of them with measurements, orientation, and anything else that may be relevant. If a building is in good enough condition to be preserved, and has enough historic significance, and is cost viable, why not restore it? It is part of history. It doesn't matter to me if a house or barn was built in the 1930's, 1830's, 1730's, or before. It is interesting in its own way. I'm reminded of the scene in one of the "Caddyshack" movies where the developer takes a bulldozer and forces the rich snobs to get out of the way so he can demolish a "carriage house" that is merely four poles supporting a piece of a roof. There are compromises available if both sides are willing to negotiate. 


Cameron Triplett 





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