Voice of the people: Mike Murphy




Appreciation for letter on gun violence 


Thank you, Tina. There was a time your remarks would be a nice contribution to an earnest and respectful discussion about gun regulation. There was a time when the NRA was a responsible organization focused on marksmanship and gun safety. Not now; this is a time of Second Amendment fanaticism, anti-government paranoia, and an obsession with the power of guns. The later, the attraction to the decisive force of guns, might be the greatest factor in these repeated events of horror.  


Regardless, in these times, your willingness to comment took courage and again, thank you. 


I think there are many who agree with you and who, like me, were touched by your heartfelt words. 


When my kids were young, I was concerned about them being bullied. Now I worry about my grandchildren's physical safety. 


Mike Murphy 





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