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Jiben Roy



Nature loves diversification and that's we see it in science too. We can easily make hybrid plants, animals and even in lifeless materials. A friend of mine informed me that we can now grow multiple varieties of fruits in a single tree. Why not? We can have a rose plant in our front yard that produces different colored roses. How beautiful to look at! Thus, we can say diversification is the law of nature.  


The diverse countries in the world are better off, developed with less problems. Variation in work is also enjoyable. Repetition of the same thing can become monotonous, making creativity go down the drain. 


This is why political theories such as communism and dictatorships don't survive in the long run. Do you think everyone is equal in a communist country? Not at all.  


The rainbow of diversity is thus wonderful to everyone. 


When I landed for the first time on U.S. soil in 1980, I felt this is the country that welcomes real diversification. Since then, time passed and millions of gallons of water flowed down Niagara Falls. And in 2001, when my daughters wanted to come to the U.S., I agreed. We have been here since. 


Since that time, we have seen so much in this land of diversification. My daughters were very much proactive in our own culture and they indeed enjoyed growing up in this country. So far they have never felt discriminated against because of their color. Rather, because of her minority status, my second daughter received a Gates scholarship for six years. She was offered an additional four years but instead opted for a job. My eldest daughter studied in medical school without any bank loans or financial support from us. She had her own UMMC fellowship.  


In my teaching career at the W, I always try to teach with utmost sincerity, and some of my students are also making a good career. I feel proud when my students write a line thanking me. We, the Roy family are so proud to be naturalized Americans and grateful to this soil that has shaped our family. 


But I can't accept one aspect of this great country, and that is gun violence, more specifically school shooting, which is more in the rise. I have written many articles in the past on this issue.  


These school shootings are becoming a disease. Innocent, adorable girls and boys are gone for no reason, and I literally weep seeing the surviving family members talking on TV.  


My youngest daughter is currently studying at Emory University. One time she texted that there was an active shooter in Emory campus. My goodness, I can't express how worried we were! The suspect was a mental patient out of Emory hospital. 


I would assume most of the adults in power in this country are parents, even the leaders of the NRA.  


This is a country that went to the moon in 1969, sent missions to Mars, discovered so many things in so many fields. Can't we do something independent of political beliefs to save our kids? 


I enjoyed the political cartoon in The Dispatch (May 18) about Trump and Kim. We all want peace in the world and not a nuclear war. But honorable president, please do something -- not in tweets or speech but in action -- that may prevent those school shooting. You will get the country's greatest honor, I am sure. 


Jiben Roy, a native of Bangladesh, teaches chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences at Mississippi University for Women. His email address is [email protected]



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