Voice of the people: Andre Roberts




Doing more 


I think, I feel that we all can do more. I am speaking to all who are good or care about your community. 


When I was younger I would ask God, "Why do you allow all this suffering, all this chaos?" As I became older and a little more wiser I started to see the picture clearer that we are here to assist one another and so on. There is even an amazing song that says, "God why won't you do something?" He replies, "I did; I created you!" 


What a song. Do you realize it takes the same amount of energy to say positive things that it takes to say negative ones? We can not keep blaming the government, blaming the pastor, blaming him or her. We should ask our own self, "What can I do to better things?" Maybe you are already doing loads, and I do commend you for it but I am asking you to do a tad bit more. 


I am asking you to set the mobile devices aside a little more often. I am suggesting that you enjoy your environment more, hold a conversation, speak to your neighbors. When we see someone in need, if we can not physically assist them we should pray and ask our Creator to send the right help for them. 


We are full of road rage, leaving home late and then becoming furious at the driver in front of us because they are driving the speed limit. We are using guns and hurtful words as problem solving. We are not pausing to think of the consequences of our actions. We all should stop and think more about the consequences after we react; especially in a violent way. 


How great this world would be if we treated one another the way we want to be treated. Who wants to be robbed or beaten or raped or tricked out of their life savings? There is plenty of work to go around. I am pleading with you to smile a little more, think before you react. 


We all have faults but together we can be better. I am asking also that you hold the door, take a shopping buggy back for someone, check on a senior citizen, take up a cause of awareness. We all are rich in one area or another whether it rich in encouragement or information or cooking or organizing events, I can not name them all. 


One last thing: Walking away from a fight at times is a sign of strength not weakness. 


Andre Roberts 





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