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Responsible gun owners are no threat 


It continues to boggle the mind how some people, especially Liberals, keep trying the same-ole, same-ole while expecting different results. Wasn't it Einstein who said that was the height of stupidity or something similar? Look, law-abiding people do not break laws, while criminals ignore laws. Hard data, from which statistics are derived, show that citizens with concealed carry permits are FAR less likely to commit crimes than sworn police officers. 


I can understand the fear some have concerning people carrying guns into court rooms, but those who carry legally are least likely to do something "stupid," while those who carry illegally don't give it a first thought, let alone a second one. In highly emotional cases, divorce, custody, etc., that last thing a person legally carrying would do is start a gunfight. We respect the laws and have no desire to see more laws restricting our rights. 


I'll bet the farm that every single one of these "mass murderers," aka cowardly killers, was not a member of the NRA nor had a permit to carry concealed. So why do Liberals think enacting new laws restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens will make anybody safer? Recently an armed citizen most likely saved two lives, that of a woman a knife-wielding ex-con had attacked and the teenager who came to her rescue. Would you rather this madman have hacked the both of them to death? I'll also bet that you'll never see or hear about this on national news media because it doesn't fit their agenda. 


Common sense seems to be nonexistent when it comes to guns and Second Amendment rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Politicians need to concentrate on doing what's right for America in the short and long terms, and forget about doing what will get them re-elected for another term feeding at the government trough. 


Cameron Triplett 





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