Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.




Upset with FBI actions 


I have a question for the readers of this papers. If you keep up with any of the news of late, there has been the Inspector General report regarding irregularities of the FBI and other law enforcement entities. 


It has shown many cases of meddling from some officials at the top. How can that be? I thought the FBI was to make sure law breakers are prosecuted, not to break the law by interfering with the sacred right of voting and the outcome of the election. 


Not only has there been interference, those at the top, that have been caught, fired or reassigned are not cooperating. Congress can't get records and other evidence requested. Now congress is talking of subpoenaing requested records. Why are some not subjected to the same laws "John Q. Public" is? The average American would have their doors kicked down and be hauled off to jail. I understand that some the wealthy powerful people think the law doesn't apply to them, but a day of reckoning is coming. 


One closing thought. Will you out there that are, "Never Trumpers", "Anti-Trumpers" and those that don't care about America being great again, give the man a chance, vote him out or shut up? Now I feel better. 


Lee Roy Lollar, Jr. 





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