Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar Jr.




Likes Trump's hard line on immigration  


All the liberals and Trump haters think it's true: This is Trump's fault. This includes The Dispatch's Slim Smith. Shame on you, Slim for comparing this to the Holocaust. From what I understand, the law Trump's administration is enforcing has been in place for years before he even considered running for office. But that make no difference to the Trump haters. The key word is enforcing. Why have a law if you are not going to enforce them? But it all depends on who you are, what influence you have and how powerful you are. We see that in all the hearing, investigation and finger pointing going on today. I understand President Trump is not the one some would like as POTUS, but the cold hard fact is, surprise! He was elected by the "Deplorables" crumb grabbing Americans. 


President Trump is doing something right: unemployment is down, the dollar is stronger, our military is being rebuilt and we are being respected on the world stage again. Securing our boarder is a good thing. Look at France and Germany, we don't need that. There is a right legal way and there is an illegal way to immigrate. If you break the law, there are consequences. If all you that have a burden for these illegal immigrants, how about sponsor a family or two and let them live with you. That will relieve your conscience about the mistreatment of the illegals and maybe make you feel good. 


I thank God every day I was born in America. I understand those that want to come here, but there is a right and wrong way to come. We need to obey and enforce our laws. 


Lee Roy Lollar Jr 





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