Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.




Calls for civility 


Civility is not the norm any more. To have a difference in political views and opinion now, it seems that those on the left are using intimidation and bullying to promote their agenda. Public officials can't go out in public without being harassed. This is shameful. Have we lost all decorum to our fellow man? Can we agree to disagree? All this was brought about apparently because Donald Trump was elected POTUS. I might interject he was duly and legally elected. Has our great country come to this? The sad thing is, there are some people out there that might have an emotional problem, snap and harm someone over this. The Attorney General of Florida said that. She has been harassed in a public outing. These same people want to eliminate I.C.E. Why? They are only enforcing our laws, arresting illegal aliens that have broken the law. If we do not up hold the law, obey the law and respect the law, anarchy will follow. Be careful America. We can agree to disagree, we are all American. United we stand. 


Happy 4th Of July! 


God bless America! 


Lee Roy Lollar, Jr. 





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