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The recent incident involving a woman who went missing for two days is a good example of what not to do when lost. She was lucky. If you are lost, stranded, or wrecked in unfamiliar territory, stay with your car, or at least stay in one place, unless you know the way out. By moving around, you can miss rescuers looking for you and they can miss you. She is very fortunate to be alive in fairly good shape. 


Teaching should be a calling, not a "job" where employees look for their benefits before the benefit of students. In my humble opinion, the U.S. Department of Education should never have been formed. The quality of education has fallen ever since the federal government got involved in what should be a local matter. People will "vote" with their feet as to the better schools. District lines should be erased so that parents can send their children to the school they prefer. Now, it's attendance tied to federal monies for schools, and that's what drives the engine instead of quality education. 


When I was in school (I'm 66-years-old by the way) we were taught well. We could spell and do math and speak proper grammar, useful skills for anybody trying to survive in this world. I've opined before on what I think schools/education should do. Nothing has changed, nor will it, and America will continue to lag behind other nations in the quality of education for our children. That can only hurt us. 


Cameron Triplett 





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