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Disappointed in county 


I read with dismay the story in The Commercial Dispatch about Lowndes County Board of Supervisors voting to increase the tax collection fee from $120,000 to $200,000. What was not given in the story was the basis for that large an increase. The only justification for that large an increase is to recover the "loss" from the agreement of accepting only 2% of vehicle taxes Vs the 5% in the original agreement. If the county felt that way then they shouldn't have agreed to the decrease in vehicle tax and the city would have to live the with original agreement. Then the LCBS president showed the pure vindictive greed and the animosity he has for the Citizens of Columbus with his comment of -- to paraphrase -- "where else are they going to get it done?" 


It should sadden all the citizens of Lowndes County that the LCBS does not appear to utilize the ever-increasing valuation in the county and therefore increasing tax collections to improve life for all the citizens.  


There seems to be disparity between Lowndes County and surrounding counties on what it takes to appraise, collect and distribute municipality tax collections by a wide margin. Why would that be the case? 


Berry Hinds 





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