Roses and thorns: 7/22/18




A rose to the City of Starkville, the West Main Community Association and most, importantly, Roosevelt Taylor after Thursday's ceremony where Beattie Street was renamed Roosevelt Taylor Sr. Drive in honor of the 93-year-old World War II veteran who has lived on the street for more than 70 years. Like many WWII veterans, Taylor returned home from his service and quietly built a life -- buying a home, raising a family, being a good neighbor. That his neighbors signed a petition in favor of changing the name of the street is a testament of his continued service to his community long after his military service came to an end. With fewer and fewer of our WWII veterans remaining, it's especially meaningful to honor one of those old soldiers while they remain. In this instance, we can think of no better tribute.



A rose to Caledonia Mayor Mitch Wiggins, who was designated as an Advanced Certified Municipal Official by the Mississippi Municipal League. Wiggins, who was elected mayor last June, has now completed two levels of training provided by the MML. The most recent designation required 40 hours of instruction focusing on community and economic development, areas of particular importance to a growing community such as Caledonia. We applaud Wiggins for seeking out the additional training and the benefits it will provide him as the town's leading elected official.




A rose to East Mississippi Community College for its commitment to improving its Lion Hills property. EMCC purchased Columbus Country Club in 2012 and has made significant improvements since, most notably in the former club house and dining facility which has earned a reputation for its quality food service. Now, attention turns to the old golf course. EMCC is now in the final phases of converting the course's greens to a new grass that is featured in many of the world's best golf courses. The conversion to this new hybrid grass -- Ultra-Dwart Tif-Eagle -- will provide a faster, more durable and more consistent putting service. Students in EMCC's Turf Management program have assisted in the changeover.




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