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Trump deserves medal 


Sometimes my opinion about things in the news probably should be kept to myself but it feels better to let it all out I reckon. The post I made on Facebook about Peter Strzok deserving a dishonorable discharge and hard time making little rocks out of big rocks in a Federal Prison and not deserving a Purple Heart medal didn't set right with some folks. That medal is meant only for military members wounded or killed by the enemy in time of war. I added that I think President Trump deserved at least a Purple Heart -- seeing that he's Commander in Chief of the military and has already suffered hundreds of wounds from numerous attacks from all sides. Some even broadcasting to the world that they not only want to injure him but actually end his life. 


Now try to put yourself in his shoes and empathize a little bit. In the first place, would you have even given up a billion-dollar business and walked into a den of thieves like D.C.? And if so would you be able to survive the unending attacks from the insane left? Would you even think about giving all your Presidential income to charity? 


The highest of medals awarded is the Medal of Honor. It is given to military members who risk their lives to save others. So now, you are still President and you continue diligently working hard toward keeping your promises to America (to mention a few) and you complete the border wall which will save untold numbers of lives and then made peace between North and South Korea and then you got Roe vs Wade reversed which would save untold millions of lives and then made our economy the greatest it's ever been and made our country an exporter of oil and gas instead of importing, plus all the other great things you promised to do -- don't you think that you might deserve even a Medal of Honor? You've sacrificed day and night for four years while risking your life accomplishing so much and as commander in chief of our armed forces you have made them the greatest military in the world again. What do you think? Be honest now. Don't you think you'd deserve a medal or what? I think so. And a peace prize or two on top of that. 


Raymond Gross 





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