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Thoughts on Sunday columnists


I don't understand why Republicans have been singled out for corruption of power (State legislature more autocratic under Republicans by Wyatt Emmerich) in Sunday's paper. I don't cover the news in Jackson or in DC, but from what I've seen both parties are equally to blame for power corruption. Anybody remember then-Speaker of the House in Congress saying they had to pass Obamacare just to find out what was in it? If leaders of both parties would listen more to others in and out of their party, they'd listen to the people more. Nobody has a mandate to do anything now-a-days.


Columnist Pitts manages to make his point, as always, without using all available information. Guns are not violent. They are a tool, often misused by violent people. The only way to really do something about violence, involving guns or not, is to do something about violent people. There are many options from which to choose there, and many people will not agree with some, especially the most effective ones. The bottom line is live and let live, and if you don't want any trouble, don't start any.



Cameron Triplett






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