Letter to the Editor: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.




Fair and Balanced


I am using the "Fair & Balanced" title because of all of the "anti-Trump" editorials in The Dispatch.


Some of them are written to stir the pot and inflame. I would like to have some civility return. We can agree to disagree.



We all have our opinions; that's the American way. The problem today is some people have such tunnel vision and hate, that they think their opinion is the only one that counts. I voted for President Trump because he was the last man standing on the ticket. I am not a card carrying Republican. It is that the Republican platform is more in line with my moral values and way of thinking. I believe in God first, family second, then country. Some of those who criticize me for my support of the POTUS miss the point of most of my articles. I just can't help myself, when I see the economy growing, unemployment down, the stock market surging and the USA is being respected once again. "Lets make America great again" sounds good to me. World leaders have found our president says what he means and means what he says. President Trump is succeeding despite all the opposition thrown his way. He has kept campaign promises and is thriving even with all the "fake news" being thrown his way. I think his critics energize him. If the left would scrutinize some of the Democratic party members the way they have Trump, justice might be done. Hillary was reported to have said "if she was investigated she would bring half of all the politicians down with her." There might be some truth to that. We have two types of justice in America today. If you are of the powerful elites, you can get away with almost anything, but if you are a regular, average American, maybe one of us "Deplorables," you will be prosecuted, fined and even jailed. We have seen that of late with the FBI. Some of the politicians have made a mockery of our justice system. Some can lie, deny and smirk and keep there retirement and other perks.


President Trump is not going to be impeached, so let him "Make America Great Again." You might like it. Over two years left in this term and four more after the 2020 election.


I could address my opinions on some local issues, like CVB, LCBS or CCC, but that will be for another time. United we can do great things. God bless America!


Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.






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