Voice of the people: Raymond Gross




Trump's security clearance actions are justified 


I spent many years in SAC during my 26 years in the Air Force. Most of those years were working on their B-52 and KC-135 aircraft. Before I could be authorized to even enter the flight line area I had to have a Secret Security Clearance which took months to get and after that it was necessary to wear a security badge at all times or be spread eagled face down on the pavement. There were millions of military and civilians who worked on the Flight Lines of SAC who had to have these secret clearances. When people were transferred from SAC or were discharged or took a job with no classified material, that secret clearance ended, period. That's how it should be with all the over-paid civilians in our government. They should lose the clearance when they lose or change their jobs.  


Now, all these folks crying about Brennan and other crooked dudes who are losing a security clearance need to just shut up, sit down and keep their feet off the furniture or be taken to the wood shed for some wall to wall counseling. President Trump is doing the right thing and should revoke all those who are a security risk or no longer a trusted employee of our government. 


Raymond Gross 





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