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Columbus should reconsider LINK decision 


Because of the work of the LINK, this area has had $6.5 billion worth of investments in the community and over 6,500 new jobs created over the past 15 years; well worth the city's contribution at $100,000 per year. These jobs pay more than the average wage for other jobs in this area. This has been a long-stated goal of the LINK in searching for prospects. 


I am disappointed in our city council members who are not following through on their commitment, and more specifically for not coming to the LINK to have a meaningful conversation. I encourage the council members and citizens of the great city of Columbus to understand and realize that these 6,500 employees who have these jobs live, eat, and shop in the city of Columbus and surrounding areas; creating additional jobs and paying taxes .... not to mention buying houses, cars, gas, boats, eating in restaurants, needing insurance, banking services, groceries, office supplies, and countless other things such as visits to or needing medical services. It is not just paying the doctor, think about all the people who are working in doctor's offices and have jobs because of the many patients who require services. Retail has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Retail follows jobs, not the other way around. Retailers in this country know about Columbus. They know land sales and our work force's annual income and spending habits. They will come if we have the density of population in our geographic area with enough disposable income to make meaningful purchases. I know for a fact that the LINK has supplied countless responses to solicitations in the retail arena and has worked diligently for a new regional mall as well as to refurbish our existing mall, but you must have a willing seller as well as a willing buyer. 


Columbus and the Golden Triangle are on a great trajectory toward continued prosperity. The city of Columbus needs to reexamine who can best help it and be part of this trajectory and proven solution. 


John Davis 





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