Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar Jr.




Lottery bill


Having seen the legalizing of liquor and the legalizing of gambling to solve all our financial woes, such as funding schools and spending on infrastructure (repair roads and bridges) now we are legalizing the lottery to do the same thing. "Groundhog Day"! What happened to all the monies from liquor and gambling? If Mississippi hadn't legalized liquor and gambling, the politicians are telling us that things would be a lot worst. How can that be? We were told that would be a cure-all to our money problems, right? Have some pockets been lined, perhaps? Rather than roads repaired and schools funded? Just curious. I am not a prude or against everything because the government cannot legislate morality. Morality is a matter of the heart. Good and evil, one has to make that decision based on his or her beliefs. Death and taxes are a given fact. There is just too much that is not transparent in government. As Tom Cruise said, "show me the money!" Or the lack thereof.


Years ago I asked the question, "Where does the government get the money?" The answer given was, "the government has plenty of money." So if the government has plenty of money why do we need the lottery?



The big deal is the government needs to be better stewards of our money. I just hope the lottery is a fix-all, but I have my doubts seeing that legalizing liquor and gambling did not produce the needed revenues. Time will tell. Let us all pray for our great state and country.


God bless America!!


Lee Roy Lollar Jr.






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