Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.




Unity at last 


Library funding settled, tax collection fees agreed on and city/county committee re-established, maybe. Unity at last or a pipe dream? Columbus will never grow if we don't start getting along. I sat in Tuesday's city council meeting, where four retail recruiting firms gave their spiel on bringing businesses to our fair city. All type of graphs, pie charts and other data was presented. I understand they were selling a service to the city and were optimistic as to the potential here in Columbus. There is a problem though, the negativity created between our city and county and the media's coverage of it. There is enough talk on the streets about our ability to have retail growth and other improvements in our fair city, a lot of it is negative. So what do potential businesses think? Just food for thought. The only hope we have is to unite as one. 


Speaking of unity, I have never seen such incivility as to what has been shown in Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. It's bad enough for the democrats to try to derail the hearing. Grandstanding by several of those on the committee was pathetic. The organized protesters were bordering on excessive. Eighty arrested the first day! Don't these people have a real job? Or maybe they were paid? If the republicans had protested in that way, the liberal media would have had a coronary, and there would been riots in the streets. What is happening to us? We could do so much united, then when election time come, voice your opinion and change things. This is what happened in 2016. But then, that makes too much sense, and that is my opinion. I have always voted and never protested other than a letter every now and then. 


Together we can do great things. 


God bless Columbus and America. 


Lee Roy Lollar, Jr. 





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