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The new, narrower Dispatch should indeed be easier for some to handle. I am essentially one-armed since my left side was severely handicapped by a stroke five years ago. The daily TV listings should not be too much of a problem, as long as you list the NEXT day''s programs. Some people don''t get a paper until late in the afternoon.  


This brings me to my only real complaint, which isn''t really much of one on a serious scale: the comics. Every time you drop a comic strip it seems like you drop one I like and add one that isn''t funny at all. The comics should be funny (comical) and entertaining. Comics like Doonesbury have NEVER been funny, just politically biased and truth-skewing. Pooch Cafe has never hit my funny bone. Neither have others like Dilbert and Baby Blues. Haggar is often humorous, as is Shoe. Why take good ones out? 


I am old enough to remember Sad Sack, Lil Abner, Andy Capp, Brenda Starr (I think), Steve Canyon and The Katzenjammer Kids. I hope I remembered how to spell that one. 


Serial comics and soap opera comics never were funny. Most of the cartoons/comics that get the heave-ho are politically incorrect or might "offend" someone. Keep the funny pages funny. We spend too much time worrying about hurting some unimportant (or even very important) person''s feelings. Everyone needs to lighten up and enjoy life and quit worrying about the fact they''re fat, or black, or short, or homosexual, or redneck, or blonde, or poor, or (who have I not offended yet?). 


Cameron Triplett, Brooksville



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