Letter to the editor: Peggy J. Rogers




Appreciates Longview Road progress 


Speaking at a public hearing for Highway 25 bypass in 1987, we were all enthusiastic about the to-be quality of life on Longview Road, the front-page top half in the Starkville Daily News read "Bypass will come with new millennium" (May 14, 1996). Families, businesses, and farms on Longview road were affected, after more than three decades and countless elected supervisors, the Longview Road project has finally come to fruition. Without the strength of God working throughout the intense five months process that was prompted by the de-obligation of funds to the Longview Road Project, this could not have been possible or reached a point were all parties involved are pleased with the outcome. Monday's Board of Supervisors' Meeting, as reported by Starkville Daily News and The Starkville Dispatch, delivered the news we've been waiting on. Thank you to all staff writers for the informational uplifting articles. 


It is in this regard, that I thank the land owners and residents of Longview Road, Oliver Jackson Road, Horsley Lane and Rogers Road for their tenacity in working with the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors and its staff. Our gratitude for the efforts of those who are no longer with us, as well as those who are: Mrs. Annie Dancer, Jackson family, Horsley family, Bevill family, Rogers family, Roberson family, Brown family, Longview Church pastor, members, those who made citizen comments on behalf of the Longview Road Project and countless others.  


We express our gratitude to Mississippi State University's President Mark Keenum along with his senior staff, the late Congressman G. V. (Sonny) Montgomery and Legislator Rob Roberson for his leadership and involvement with supervisors and Legislators. Lastly, thank you to the supervisors for your vote and to the engineers who spent countless hours toiling over plans and finding solutions to the project. We are certain to be at the ribbon cutting ceremony this spring.  


Peggy J. Rogers 


Resident, Longview Road  





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