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Use of force justified 


While checking out the news Friday morning I heard about a policeman who was killed by a rock throwing illegal invader. Then on another channel I heard Mike Huckabee say we should not and will not shoot at these invading criminals who throw rocks, lethal weapons, at us with the intent to kill. Mike had probably forgotten that a rock was used against the Philistine giant, Goliath. Maybe we should issue sling shots to our military and take away their guns, reckon?  


Our President may have appointed a few people who betrayed him and us that made him look like he used poor judgement, but he has it absolutely right on this one. What he said was "we should consider the person throwing the rock as using a deadly weapon." He didn't say how we should react.  


There's no jury in the country who would convict a U.S. citizen for defending him/her self in such a case. Maybe not shots with the intent to kill but for sure a shot to the leg or arm or both, like the Lone Ranger and Tonto used to do, would ensure they would not throw any more rocks with the intent to kill our people in order to gain illegal entry -- another crime -- into our country. No jury in our country would find it a crime for our military to defend themselves and us in this manner. Another example: If Mike Huckabee was attacked by an illegal alien and had him on the ground pounding him with a rock, should his daughter be convicted of murder if she used a gun to save her dad's life? No way! A friend of mine in high school used a 12-gauge shot gun on a man who had his dad down beating him with only his fist; verdict was justifiable homicide. 


Raymond Gross 





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