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Politics in America 


There is a lawsuit contesting the outcome of the election of Brooksville's mayor. Do what? There are allegations of voting irregularities and the usual stuff. For Brooksville's mayor? Look, Noxubee County is a Democrat stronghold. Democrats don't need to cheat to win, so why do they? I mean, besides political habit. 


This is a small example of what's wrong with America and our politics. Voters and politicians alike need to wake up. America is fast becoming (or is it too late -- we're already there) another third-world, banana-republic, cess pool, septic tank (to paraphrase our current President) country. Everybody cries vote-tampering, ballot box-stuffing, etc, every time they lose an election, and too often there is real evidence of such shenanigans. Why? 


This is America, dammit! We have the greatest country on Earth, and petty politics are destroying it. Voters don't want to accept the results when they lose, and neither do politicians, so both cheat and accuse the others of cheating. Winners don't cheat, and cheaters don't win. America loses when both happen. 


When a person is elected, they have a specific term of two, four, or six years. There's always next time, if the elected person fails to serve the people. Some argue that elections are term limits, yet we limit governors and our president to two terms. Meanwhile Legislators and those in Congress can "serve" until they die! Some don't even live in the district they represent (Maxine Waters, for example), have never done anything good while in office but keep getting re-elected. Why? Maybe it's the Bill Clinton syndrome: The people don't want that politician in their midst! 


Politics in America has always been hard-ball, but it's gotten below-the-belt, and it's an embarrassment to me as an American. What does the rest of the world think about this? What can we do? Let's raise the voting age up to twenty-four or five, where science says the human brain begins to mature. That might bring some maturity to our politics, you think? There is a push to allow convicted felons to vote. I say not until they have lived crime-free for at least ten or twenty years after serving their sentences, to prove they're now law-abiding. No way non-citizens should be allowed to vote! 


There are more steps we should take to remedy our political ills, but I sincerely doubt anything will ever be done, and our politics will continue to get lower and lower. God help us, because we sure aren't helping ourselves. 


Cameron Triplett 


Brooksville, MS



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