Our District One Congressman is still waiting for my call to thank him for voting "yes" on President Obama''s pay back spending spree. Well, it ain''t never gonna happen and I bet everyone who can "add to and take away" feels the same way. Cause after comparing the Obama stimulus to the Bush stimulus, this is what you get: Under Bush we poor folk received 1,200 big ones, which is the same as the filthy rich received. Under Obama the filthy rich received millions and billions; we have received nothing. Should we be calling to say thanks? No way. I just can''t wait for the big fat tax increase so they can start sending more money abroad, how about you? 


I will never call to thank him for the multi-billion given to AIG either, or the 62 billion to several countries in Europe including France. They don''t want to try to explain that one. Is this pure insanity? The U.S. got only 44 billion from the same pot. 


Now all we hear are liberal mind games and fancy double talk from the president and other liberals like Barney Frank about the few million used to pay bonuses to AIG folks. This is one of the old liberal tricks to redirect your focus away from the elephant in the corn field, the 62 billion they gave to Europe!  


That''s where our outrage should be focused, but with help from media friends, most people are fussing about the ants instead of the heard of elephants.  


You probably want to ask just who is responsible for the whole bloody mess. Well, it''s the democratically led Congress who gets the bills to Obama''s desk where he seems to enjoy signing his name to anything. He''s the one who promised to "veto-veto-veto" but instead he says, "Who me? I made no such promise to veto and signs with no remorse what so ever." 


Yes, the president is ultimately responsible but he seems to be trying to pass the buck instead of saying, "the buck stops here." I''m sure all of you share with me in this very big disappointment. 


Raymond Gross, Columbus



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