Voice of the people: Wallace D. Dabbs




In support of Ed Meek 


With no fanfare and little publicity, the University of Mississippi removed the name of Ed Meek from a building located on campus which had been named the Ed Meek building to honor him for his years of dedicated service to Ole Miss. 


Sadly, Mr. Meek had made a public statement that the political left on campus claimed to have been a "racist" statement, thus successfully removing his name from the building which honored him. 


Anyone who knows Ed Meek would tell anyone flat out that Ed Meek is anything but a "racist." 


In fact, Mr. Meek had donated $5.6 million to the University before being labeled a "racist." 


Seems to me that Ole Miss should return Mr. Meek his money if he so desires and also seems to me that the current administration is wandering around like the children of Israel, entirely lost, a sad commentary of the school which was the flagship of our colleges and universities. 


Wallace D. Dabbs 





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