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Voice of the people: Raymond Gross




Praying over abortion issue 


There's nothing more evil that our Democrat-led House of Representatives could do than vote to pay , with our tax dollars, for the killing of defenseless baby humans worldwide while not funding the wall here at home to save lives by improving our security from invaders. It's immoral. So sad to say but it seems now to be a part of the liberal Democrat DNA. They stand on their soap box and unashamedly proclaim it to the whole world -- hopefully not something they were elected to do. Surely they don't believe it's the will of the people who voted for them. I pray it's not what their voters sent them to D.C. to accomplish. 


Lord, help us and deliver us from the leaders who stand for abortion and the destruction of our republic. Please open the eyes and change the hearts of those who vote to elect ruthless cold hearted people to represent them in our federal and state governments. Amen. 


Raymond Gross 





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