Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




In response to Sunday letter 


You ask who is "responsible" for the Trump Presidency? As Charlie Daniels said, "Don't you go off a-blamin' God, you know it ain't His fault". So who gets the blame, or the credit, depending on your point of view? Well, I personally give that to: the Democrat Party, Hillary, Bernie Sanders, ignorant voters (on both sides of the aisle), sorry politicking, our sorry education system, (from kindergarten through college), die-hard Party-line voters, and especially immature voters (mostly those under age twenty-five).  


As for the Russian question, there is evidence that the Democrat Party was involved with that, too. If I wanted to live under a government that the Russians had a hand in electing, I'd move to Moscow. With the way the last election cycle went, I wouldn't be surprised if Jesse "the Bod", "the Gov", the trash-talking ex-nothing could get elected. Pray to God that we get some candidates worthy of being President! Then pray that common sense prevails among the voters on both sides. 


Cameron Triplett 





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