Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar




Lee High Class of 1959 


Several weekends ago, a group of classmates and spouses met together for a time of fellowship and fun at Grahams Camp House. We had a time of remembrance of the days of our youth. We were taught at Lee High to respect our teachers, each other and adults. Discipline was required and we understood the results of our actions. We lived in a time where change was on the horizon: "The Fifties." The music is still popular, the automobiles of the era are collectibles today. Try to buy a '57 Chevy. 


Our generation enjoyed Bob's Place, sock hops at the Y after the ballgames on Friday night. Some of our class went through Vietnam and came home to an ungrateful nation. Sixty years have passed too fast but the friendships have grown. I will forever cherish my high school days and the forever friendship of my classmates. The Lee High building is being converted into apartments and other retail outlets, but the memories of our days at Lee High will remain forever. Today the kids do not understand the type of friendship we share. Thank you, classmates for the memories. 


Lee Roy Lollar 


Class of '59 





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