Voice of the people: Joe Dillon




Appreciates help on Sim Scott Community Center 


As mentioned in the excellent article in your newspaper last week, work continues on the Sim Scott Community Center rebuilding. Both of the buildings there were destroyed by the February tornado. Mayor Robert Smith and the Columbus City Council know the importance of those buildings to our community. The buildings were booked continuously for all types of important events. 


In the article, I failed to thank Columbus Light and Water for their valuable work in the entire area of the storm and especially the Sim Scott area. We had downed power lines, street lights, and poles everywhere. Todd Gale, Mark Rushing and their crews of professionals from Columbus Light and Water have spent many weeks in the area removing debris and replacing electrical services and poles. They have worked side by side with the City of Columbus Public Works Department employees, director Casey Bush and the Lowndes County Road Department employees, director Ronnie Burns. It has been a team approach to help our community. 


Thank you to Columbus Light and Water and their board, the Lowndes County Supervisors and their Road Department Employees and the Columbus Mayor and City Council and our Public Works Department for all the help. 


We can't make any promises on a completion date since outdoor construction is so dependent on weather and many other variables. However, we are working to have the building completed before the end of this year.  


We are awaiting proposals for selecting an architect while we are preparing for the foundation work. We will keep everyone updated as we go. 


Joe Dillon 


City of Columbus Public Information Officer



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