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News Flash! The city has $6 million-plus in their checking account, which is good news if it is correct. The public that was in the gallery, all 10-15 concerned citizens that were there, were not privy to the documents to see it. Transparency? The council voted to borrow $5 million for storm clean up and the mayor broke the tie to go to Atlanta with the fire department leaders to keep our fire rating accreditation. Business as usual. Councilman Gavin, the lone voice of reason to the spending spoke against all the travel. There was a question from councilman Mickens about the low number incarcerated in the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center. He wondered if that meant there was a reduction in crime?? What? I'll have to think about that for a bit.  


The city still has bad streets, overgrown drainage ditches and other crumbling infrastructure. This has not been addressed in months. Maybe it's time for some citizen input on the subject. Any volunteers? Columbus is having a hard time keeping the CPD staffed, which is authorized to hire 70, but due to the freeze, 62 is all that is allowed. I think we have 58 today. The fire department has the same problem keeping at the necessary authorized level. Being a first responder is a calling and sometimes a thankless job. Many thanks to both of these departments. 


On the national scene, talk is cheap, results are what matters. Collusion, impeachment, incompetence are term those suffering with "Trump Derangement" are throwing around. Lower taxes, lower unemployment, less regulations, a growing economy, strengthening the borders and national pride restored, these are just a few of Trump's accomplishment. There are those that hate Trump more than they love America, and the positive things make no difference. If you on the left want Socialism, move to Cuba or Venezuela, see how that is working. For me, I salute the flag, and stand for the National Anthem and bow my head in prayer. But that's me. Love America or leave. 


God Bless America. 


Lee Roy Lollar  





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