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Questions correction on Steve Wallace's military service 


Last Friday's Dispatch carried this correction on page three: 


"In the June 9 edition, The Dispatch incorrectly noted Steve Wallace's military service. He served in the 541st Parachute Infantry Division as part of a Reserve Officer Training Corps but did not serve in combat overseas. The incorrect information was obtained from a 2009 article in The Dispatch." 


When printing a correction, even one that occurred a month earlier, The Dispatch never says what was originally written that needed correcting. In this case, in a Sunday, June 9 front-page article about D-Day hero Brad Freeman, The Dispatch reported that Steve Wallace (who was escorting Mr. Freeman at D-Day ceremonies in France) served in an airborne unit in Vietnam. The Dispatch printed the same thing ten years ago and mined that 2009 article to fill out the June 9 article. But last Friday's correction needs a correction itself, because a quick look at the internet shows that the 541st Parachute Infantry Division was phased out in 1948. 


It's been common knowledge in Columbus for years that he served in the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. Now The Dispatch is suggesting that in fact his only military service was at an ROTC summer camp. But the reference to a parachute unit that was dissolved 70 years ago means that the correction itself is not accurate. What is going on here? 


Roger Larsen 





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