Voice of the people: Andre Roberts




Asking readers to appreciate their lives


We are, in my strong opinion, the greatest nation ever. I am asking everyone to just pause and think of our freedom and opportunities. I am so grateful for what we have here in the United States! We are allowing ourselves to be divided from the inside. We have all these ideas, and personalities clashing, and we have clearly lost respect for ourselves and others as a whole. I am not implying that it is perfect here, but we should ask ourselves why are so many braving all types of conditions to get here? Here in the United States we have the freedom of religion, speech, career, and on and on! I am a Christian for the record. We are as a whole living so ungratefully. We should treat people based on character not color! I have a deep respect for our military, law enforcement, first responders and everyone doing what they can to be productive! Let us truly treat one another as we care to be treated. Every one of us from the top to the lower level can do more to make our Nation better.


Andre Roberts







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