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Questions for Lowndes school board


First of all, I have never been a politician nor have I been involved in politics other than as a voter. As a voter and resident of Lowndes County, I have watched with interest and concern all of the publicity surrounding the position of Superintendent of Education.


It is my understanding that tonight at 6 p.m., there will be a stakeholders forum at Central Office. I plan on attending, as I have several questions that I hope to be answered.



Question 1: How does a school board choose not to appoint a superintendent of a state ranked "A" status district? It is evident the children and staff are successful under the present leadership. There has to be a legitimate reason behind this decision to replace him.


Question 2: In the midst of a budget shortfall, why spend the extra money to replace a successful superintendent when there is a shortage of teachers?


Question 3: Has the current superintendent embarrassed the district in any way to warrant this decision?


Question 5: Was any member of the board that voted not to appoint the current superintendent influenced by someone outside of its current members?


Question 6: Has the media misled the information of the school district to the public?


Question 7: Industries on airport property have paid ad valorem taxes for years. The same year the superintendent was to be appointed, rather than voted on by the people, those industries found a loop-hole after the budget was approved. Is this just a coincidence, or is it possible they were discreetly informed in order to create a budget shortfall for the present superintendent?


Question 8: Can the superintendent spend any funds without board approval?


Question 9: The superintendent was accused of holding a position for himself. Did the superintendent not propose to the board that he would assume responsibility for both positions, without a change in pay, yet was denied by the board?


Question 10: What educational qualifications or experience do the board members have?


Question 11: It has been said the superintendent has led the children and staff down the road to success. What evidence does the board have to warrant him being replaced?


I hope these questions will be answered tonight.


I have heard Nick Saban say, "Leadership is defined by results, not popularity."


Fred B. Hall


Elm Lake




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