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Points out misleading headline


Contrary to a report in the August 23 edition of The Commercial Dispatch, the City of Columbus is NOT raising taxes to create a budget surplus. The headline on the article is false and misleading.


In the past five months, the City of Columbus has undertaken significant cost-cutting steps in all areas of the city budget. To date, almost $300,000 of savings have been realized. The new budget projects savings of $1.6 million over the upcoming financial year. The new budget includes a tax increase that amounts to approximately $36 per year on a $100,000 home.



The tax increase will go entirely to debt retirement on paving and other capital projects. The increase is not to create a surplus, nor will any of this increase go to operating expenses. The projected surplus will be created by continued cost-cutting measures in EVERY city department, as suggested by Mayor Robert Smith.


I have personally contacted The Commercial Dispatch and have asked them to completely retract today's misleading headline. I am hopeful they will honor my request.


David Armstrong


Chief Operating Officer, City of Columbus



Editor's note: The original headline on the above-referenced story was unintentionally misleading and has been changed in the online version of the article. Our goal was to communicate the net effect of the millage increase, which was a surplus. We did not intend to suggest the tax increase was meant to produce a surplus. We apologize for the mistake.




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