Voice of the people: Sarah Studdard




Concerned with Columbus streets


Pity those of us who often visit church members, friends, and/or family at the hospital. The street leading to Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle happens to be one of the worst in this town. I complain each and every time I drive down it because it is so worn out it beats you to death. But you know, it really embarrasses me to think of visitors (or patients) from other towns to be subjected to riding on this street. Columbus must develop some pride in ownership of our city we like to call "The Friendly City." I personally don't think we're being very friendly when people have to ride on streets such as this. But, of course, this isn't the only street needing repairs -- not by a long shot. We just happened to go to the hospital today to visit a church member, and I once again complain about it.


Please, please Columbus... do something about our streets. It's tearing up our vehicles, bruising our bodies and generally making our blood pressure go higher!



Sarah Studdard






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