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Disappointed in published column


Daniel Gardner's opinion piece in Monday's Dispatch is a heaping helping of nonsense. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's clearly labeled as opinion, the views expressed seem to be heartfelt, and he of course has every right to say whatever he wants. I do, however, question the Dispatch's decision to print and possibly pay for this inane rant. You see, real opinion writing, of which you offer fine examples from across the political spectrum, can do so much better than simply spouting the author's views on several unrelated subjects. It should always focus on the subject at hand, for one. At its best, opinion writing is not so much about the author mouthing off, but about trying to open the reader's mind to previously overlooked aspects of an issue. About trying to steer the reader to a better understanding of the subject, so that the reader, eventually, might end up with the same opinion as the writer. Not because the loudest voice told them to, but because they were shown how it makes more sense.


Good opinion writers use two things to accomplish this task: facts and logic. Both are unfortunately completely absent from Daniel Gardner's piece. You could find a more in-depth, fact-based analysis of today's issues in most bars or barbershops. I wish the Dispatch much better luck in choosing contributors to the opinion page in the future.



Nick Gerteis





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