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Thoughts on two lives taken


Yes, Ms. Cengiz (murdered journalist, Khashoggi's fiance), it can happen in a minute.


After a long time, I read an article in the recent issue of Time magazine written by Ms. Hatice Cengiz, that touched my heart profoundly.



Being settled in a small town far away from the place of the murder, I wrote a column in October 2018 on Khashoggi's murder, "Bedouin culture in the 21st century."


We use a common proverb, "think before you act and no act then think." Or "look before you leap." I am sure the Saudi government or the prince (recently taken the responsibility) wasn't feeling comfortable one year after Khashoggi's murder? What good have they achieved? Will one journalist's writings be able to change the government?


On the other hand, the murderers didn't only change the life of Ms. Cengiz. They have alienated the whole world.


A couple of weeks back, a Houston sheriff's deputy, with a turban on his head was shot and killed during a traffic stop. In a split second, the driver of the car had changed the life of the officer's wife and three children forever.


Mr. Khashoggi used to critique the Saudi system of government where there is no existence of democracy or human rights. Khashoggi was doing that job as a journalist. Similarly, the Sikh police officer just did his routine job and according to the reports, there were no altercations or arguments. It looks to me a cold-blooded murder by the driver of the car.


My question to you, Mr. Robert Solis (the alleged killer): What for?


Did you think before you acted?


In the US, we firmly believe there will be type of justice for the officer. But for Ms. Cengiz and thousands of people around the world who have been demanding justice for Mr. Khashoggi, where is his?


Obviously, we can't equate two murders in one umbrella. The first one is pre-planned and may be state sponsored, the second one was probably an instantaneous decision on the spot by an individual. Is it the outcome of 0.25 seconds decision of brain and the loaded gun in the pocket? The psychiatrist might have an answer. Ironically, the end result is the same, someone's life has been taken forever. Painful indeed.


Jiben Roy






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