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Response to Paul Mack letter on impeachment inquiry


So, you are more concerned with whether I think the investigation is warranted and not so concerned with the technicalities of congressional procedure? When Congress is blatantly circumventing due process, and established procedures to investigate anyone for anything, it should seriously concern you. You referenced "legal precedence" of congressional subpoena power? What about the legal precedence set in the previous impeachment inquiries? I ask again: Why is this president not afforded the same treatment? It's because Democrats know this is "Russian Collusion 2.0." They are pinning their hopes on an innocuous conversation, taking the excerpts from that conversation and fabricating it in a negative context, using any tactic they can to stack the deck in favor of their narrative. You ask if I think this investigation is warranted? No, but I am for the investigation going on. I am for wasting more tax dollars on frivolous investigations that produce nothing more than leftist news cycle propaganda. I believe that most Democrats know it will not result in removal and is just another tactic to slow the President's agenda. When it all comes to an end, Democrats will have another $20 million nothing burger to serve to the American tax payer, and the 2020 election results will reflect it.


Dale Nelson






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