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Columbus drainage issue


I've driven around our fair city and have noticed the drainage ditches. Living in an area that is subjected to flooding, I am very aware of the importance of getting water away from your property.


It's not, if we'll have a flood, it's when we'll have one. I drove down 14th Avenue recently and saw the $1.3 million ditch. It looks great, except water was standing in it near the railroad track. And it has not rained much in over 30-plus days. "Great ditch to nowhere" would describe it. If only we had a great ditch in the Masonic Subdivision where I live. Our ditches have trees growing in them, along with three years of under brush. A 175 feet of ditch clearing out behind my house, which drains Magbee creek, when it over flows, was done by the Columbus Light and Water Dept. clearing the power lines. I asked them why the Columbus Public Works wouldn't clean it, the reply was, "they didn't have a chain saw."(tongue in cheek).



I have asked many times when the four men and a truck were in the area to do it, but they told me it wasn't on the work order. Look at the drainage west of Gardner that flows to the Lux. You can't see it.


The ditch along Hemlock that drains behind Cash and Carry it so grown up water can't hardly flow. I am pleading with my fellow citizens, if you have ditches in your area that need attention, please call the mayor, Mr. Dillon or someone with the city so they will not think I am the only one concerned. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as the saying goes.


I don't like being thought of as a trouble maker. I prefer to be thought of as a concerned citizen. I need help. We'll build an Amphitheater depending on the state to fund it, roundabouts, repaving projects and what ever we can because the Feds will fund 80 percent of the cost. News alert! The city still has to pay 20 percent! I was asked, "why can't you write something positive about the city?" My reply is, "give me something positive!" I've lived in Columbus all my life, can't afford to move because my property values have tanked. I'm too old to start over, so I'm stuck. I want Columbus to prosper but under the leadership now, I have my doubts.


The city's spokesman can nit pick all I've written in the past. All I am asking is do something positive. I am a member of the


"Police Overview Committee" to help with problems in our under staffed, over worked police department. I've served on the drug abuse task force, so I know the city has problems. I don't want to be one. I am looking for solutions. Before we can correct a problem you have to admit there is one. Is it just me? I don't think so, but prove me wrong. I love Columbus, I'm just trying to make it the great city it once was. Together we can do it. Are you up to doing your part?


God Bless Columbus and America.


Lee Roy Lollar





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