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Response to Bill Parker's challenge


I accept your challenge, Mr. Parker, to name at least one positive thing President Trump has done.


Those of us who are VFW's -- veterans of foreign wars -- are aware of one great accomplishment of our President if nothing else. There is so much that he has accomplished, just in the VA department, but I have room to mention only a few.



1.President Trump signed an executive order for veterans to receive care outside of the Veterans Affairs Medical System in January 2018. No other president has done that, sir.


2.The remains of 55 American serviceman departed South Korea on July 27th, 2018, for the United States, a visible result of President Trump's promise to bring home American serviceman killed during the Korean War. No other president would do that, sir.


3.President Trump donated his first-quarter salary to the Department of Veterans Affairs in May 2018. No other president would do that, sir.


Room for one more thing I guess: President Trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing it as the capital city of Israel. No other President would do that. And one more thing -- everybody should know this -- he gave the greatest tax break of all times to citizens like me.


I'm assuming by your very negative remarks, nothing specific, that you are not a VFW and you get all your news from the liberal media. It would be easy for you to use your PC to get the real news, not the negative fake stuff that's fed by the liberal agenda outlets to include the late night "hate trump" talkers.


Please contact me by phone or Facebook and I'd be proud to enlighten you with much more positive info.


Raymond Gross






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