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Skeptical of impeachment


The Pelosi/Schiff two ring circus show lost the majority of its audience after only a few minutes of nothing but lies from Schiff and lawyers leading their witnesses with shifty inaccurate questions. The endless boisterous build up by the liberal media about never heard of before overwhelming evidence from eye witnesses is turning out to be a big belly busting flop.


The whole world knows what was really said on the phone call so anything the Democrats add or any revision to it in any way is nothing more than misleading hot air. No matter how hard the lawyers try to lead the witnesses, the real truth about the phone conversation remains the same right there on the copy of it that President Trump made available for the us to read.



Most of us know that the money was given to Ukraine and that Ukraine did not investigate the Biden gang. However it would have been proper for the Ukrainian investigators to investigate the dealings of Joe and Hunter since the corruption occurred there. It was the Obama/Biden policy to not give the Ukrainians assistance for the 8 years they were in office even when their buddy, Putin, was killing thousands of them during his invasion of the Ukraine. But when it came to Iran, they were very generous by giving them billions of dollars in 2016 to be used for their funding of terrorism.


This whole attempt to defame our President is a waste of man-hours and money. It is accomplishing one good thing, it's showing the world how anti-American the Democrat Party in D.C. is and has given President Trump a boost in support for his reelection next year. That will be the last stand for the Democrat Party seeing that they don't have a constructive platform to run on and are being paid for merely trying to make trouble for President Trump and us. Even the local liberals here in Mississippi aren't proud enough to pick a candidate in the host of socialist the Democrats offer for them to vote for as their nominee. They just follow the lead of probably the worst group of Democrats ever elected to our Congress.


Raymond Gross






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