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A drive to provide warm coats


The Dispatch's editors were on target in pointing out that the winter cold presents a threat to those in need. Many of us take for granted the warmth of a good winter coat, but for children, women, and men living in poverty, warmth is often out of reach.


The good news is that you can make a difference by sharing warmth with people in your community.



Each year, national nonprofit One Warm Coat supports volunteers in Mississippi and across the country in organizing coat drives to provide warmth to people in need. Last winter, local volunteers organized more than 3,800 coat drives across all 50 states. Over the last 27 years, these drives have provided warm coats to more than 6 million people.


One Warm Coat's coat drive program provides free instructions, tools, and resources to businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to host coat drives. We then partner with nonprofits in your community to ensure that each coat collected is delivered locally to someone in need.


Are you interested in helping keep your neighbors warm this winter? Please visit onewarmcoat.org today and register to host a coat drive in your community.


Beth W. Amodio


CEO of One Warm Coat




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