Voice of the people: Bill Gillmore




Re: Mr. Gross 11/15 letter


I do not often get the opportunity to publicly criticize writing style, but when the error is so glaring, it is irresistible. One cannot ask inaccurate questions. One can include inaccurate statements in the preface that often characterizes Congressional inquiries, but a question contains no statements that can be false. A statement and a question are different parts of speech. The same goes for "shifty." How can a question be shifty? Think about how that would work. I admit there are leading questions, such as "Do you still beat your wife?" I heard no such questions.


This is just my opening amusement, like the "host of socialist." The real issue in Mr. Gross' letter was his startling gall in referring to Mr. Putin as the "buddy" of Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden. President Trump has shown himself to be practically in the thrall of Mr. Putin, and to try to tag those two men with that black mark rises to high comedy.



As for a "constructive platform," I assume that Mr. Gross means a platform that leaves all social benefits in the dust. I invite Mr. Gross to explain what a constructive platform would be for the Democratic Party.


Bill Gillmore







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