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Questions Trumps support of veterans


Mr. Gross: Thank the Lord for our Commander in Chief, President Trump, who loves our country and veterans, very much, who has promised us that he will never let us down. Again, in 2016, the Trump Foundation, had a fund raising -- in Iowa, just for Veterans. The money he raised was used to pay off campaign expenses and to buy a portrait of himself to put in one of his hotels. For that, he was fined $2 million and closed the Trump Foundation. I am a Democrat, but this is no lie. And the country and veterans, which he loves so much, when it came time to protect them, he turned it down five times because of bone spurs? He said McCain, a POW for five years, was not a war hero. He liked people who weren't captured. This should make any veteran want to throw up, instead of swelling up with pride.


There's a good chance, when he can do without the support of our veterans, they will go the way of his attorney of 10 years, who said that he changed his mind about taking a bullet for the President. And the Kurds, who helped our soldiers kill the ISIS leader, were abandoned by Trump in Syria to be slaughtered by Turkey, while Trump was giving himself much of the credit. It is all about Trump.



I am a Democrat, but I am not lying to you. Wake up, while the truth still matters.


James Hodges







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