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'Offensive' Disney movies


It seems that many old Disney movies are "offending" some people, because they have racist stereotypes from the past. First, if it was in the past, there is nothing that can be done about it. It was, so let it be. What will future generations do when they are "offended" by movies showing Blacks as gang bangers, pimps, and "hos"? A caricature is an exaggerated example of something or someone. It is done routinely to Presidents and other highly visible people.


If you've never seen Song of the South, a great Disney movie, you can blame "offended" censors who want to re-write the past. It depicts slaves who were well cared for, and the bond between an old slave, Uncle Remus and the grandson of the plantation owner.



I heartily encourage everybody to let go of biases and enjoy life, even as depicted in movies from yesteryear. The only thing holding anybody back is that person him/herself. I had the opportunity to "do" a lot better than I did. The only three people to blame for my being what I am are me, myself and I. If anybody wants to better themselves, they can. Quit blaming others for the past and get busy.


Cameron Triplett






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