Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar




Offended and confused


The cartoons in the November 26 Dispatch offended me and a lot of other Veterans. You can disagree with President Trump pardoning the American heroes, but to insinuate these brave Americans are war criminals is about as degrading as it comes. I am disappointed in your taste of good journalism cartoons. Obama pardoned Bradley Manning who caused a lot of damage to the security of our country. Why no outcry from the liberals? What about Bowe Bergdahl? Such a coward. The brave men President Trump pardoned are heroes. The Secretary of the Navy is a disgrace and got what he deserved. I wonder how many of the pentagon brass have served any time in combat, face to face with the enemy? It is a known fact that for some officers in the military, they reach a point in their career when they become more of a political pawn to further their careers than military officers.


God Bless our military.



Lee Roy Lollar






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